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  • Get control over your parking cost!
  • Still in a business meeting? No stress! Start a new parking session from anywhere.
  • Say goodbye to receipts! Collect all parking sessions in one clear overview.

Make parking easier for your employees with the flowbird mobile parking app. It allows you to manage a fleet of vehicles in one centralized account. Create an account online or via mobile app. Once the account is created, you can associate multiple credit cards and register multiple employees. Dedicated functions have been developed to meet the needs of professionals.


Automate expense reports

Automate the management of expense reports

View parking history

Get a simple overview of your company's parking history

Cost per employee

Access and track parking finances per employees

Send SMS reminders

The option to enable SMS reminders for your employees

Connect cards

Associate a bank card with each of your employees

Management users

Manage your employees list with email addresses and a personal password for each

Analyse behaviour

Analyze the parking of the company according to different criteria like price, vehicle, employee or area.


Get Flowbird for iOS or Android

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